Hon. Cleopa D. Msuya, the former Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Republic of Tanzania. He is the titular head of the University.

Chairperson to the University Council:
Ambassador  Prof. Costa R. Mahalu

Vice-Chancellor (VC):
Prof. Evaristo J. Liwa

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs (DVC-AA):
Prof. Gabriel R. Kassenga

Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor Planning, Finance and Administration (DVC- PFA)
Dr. Makarius V. Mdemu


School of Architecture Construction Economics and Management (SACEM)
Dr. Shubira L. Kalugila

School of Environmental Science and Technology (SEST)
Dr. Annes S. Mahenge

School of Earth Sciences, Real Estate, Business and Informatics (SERBI)

School of Spatial Planning and Social Sciences (SSPSS)
Dr. Ally H. Namangaya

Dean of Students:
Amina Mdidi

University Bursar
Mr. Allen Msabaha

Coordinator Risk Management

Administration Executives

Assistant to the VC
Mr. David E. Semeo

Director Undergraduate Programmes (DUP)
Dr. Daniel  Msangi 

Director, Postgraduate Studies, Research and Publications (DPSRP)
Dr. Yassin Senkondo 

Director of Human Resource Management and Administration (DHRMA)
Mr. E. Swilla

Director of Planning and Development (DPD)
Dr. Victoria M. Mwakalinga (Acting)

ARISA Academic Assembly (Arisa) Chairman
Dr. Fredrick M. Salukele

Estates Manager
Dr. Fredrick M. Salukele

Chairman Workers Council
Prof. Evaristo J. Liwa

Chairman THTU:
Dr. Fanuel Mlenge

Office of the Vice Chancellor

Head Public Relations Office
Ms. H. Maulid (Acting)

Corporate Counsel
Ms. E. Meiludie

Chief Internal Auditor
Ms. M. Saidi

Head PMU
Ms. Fatuma Mokiwa

Directors of the Library, Centres, Institutes and Units

Director Quality Assurance (D/QAB)
Dr. S. Sabai 

Director of the Institute of Human Settlements (IHSS)
Dr. M. Mdemu

Director of Library Services:
Dr. S. Lukwale 

Director of the Center for Information and Communication Technology (CICT)
Dr. F. Buberwa

Director of the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE):
Prof. N. Marobhe

Director of the Disaster Management Training Centre (DMTC):
Dr. Nicholaus Mwageni

Director of Ardhi consultancy Unit (ACU)
Prof. Rubhera M. Mato

Acting Director of ARU Gender Unit:
Dr. Isabera W. Mtani

Heads of Academic Departments

Head of Department of Urban and Regional Planning (URP):
Dr. Joel Msami 

Head of Department of Economics and Social Sciences (ESS):
Dr. Regina  John 

Head of Department of Building Economics (BE):
Dr. Gladys S. Nyamagere 

Head of Department of Civil Engineering (CE):
Dr. G. Mbatta (Acting)

Head of Department of Architecture (Arch):
Dr. Daniel Mbisso

Head of Department of Interior Design (ID)
Dr. Shubira L. Kalugila 

Head of Department of Geospatial Sciences and Technology (GST)
Dr. Beatrice  Tarimo 

Head of Department of Computer Systems and Mathematics (CSM)

Head of Department of Business Studies:

Head of Department of Land Management and Valuation (LMV)
Dr. Sofia Kongela 

Head of Department of Environmental Engineering (EE)
Dr. Stalin Mkumbo 

Head of Department of Environmental Science and Management (ESM)
Dr. Nyangi  Chacha 

Manager ARU Publishing Centre (APC)
Dr. S. Sabai

Head Links and International Affairs (LIA)
Dr. Sarah Phoya

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