Main Activities of the Directorate

Library collection
The University Library collections and resources consists of print, none print materials and various ICT equipments. The library acquires most of its reading materials through purchases from the University budget and donations. The recent stock taking shows that the library has 10195 volumes of books titles, 2048 periodical titles, 8 news paper titles, and 547 local contents (i.e. Thesis and Dissertation).

Special Reserve
These are materials with high demand needed by library users. Most of these books are dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, manuals, atlases, directories, bibliographies and referral text books. Given such a high demand from the students, these materials are for use within the library only and cannot to be borrowed for home use.

Lending services
The collections in the lending services include all textbooks and other materials with low demand though cover a wide range of all subjects taught at Ardhi University. They are in Open Access and well arranged on shelves to the extent that a library user can borrow them for home reading under specific library rules and regulations.

Periodicals and Newspapers
The library has periodical titles including 8 newspapers titles. Some of the periodical titles have been bound together in single volume to ensure durability. All periodicals and newspapers are to be used within the library.



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