The School of Spatial Planning and Social Science (SSPSS) evolved from the former School of Urban and Regional Planning (SURP) in 2016. SURP was renamed after the approval of “Structural Organization of Ardhi University (ARU) Schools” through the Government Notice (GN) No. 266 of 2016 which was established in 2007 following the approval of the Charter that established Ardhi University (ARU) in 2007. The former school (SURP) consisted of three departments namely Urban and Regional Planning, Housing and Infrastructure Planning and Regional Development Planning while the later has two departments namely Urban and Regional Planning and Social Sciences. Initially, the SURP was running three courses only, until October 2009 when a Bachelor degree of Arts in Economics was established. The school expanded further in March 2011 by introducing another programme namely Bachelor of Arts in Community and Development Studies. In total, SSPSS is conducting nine (9) courses through its two departments (Urban and Regional Planning (URP) and Economics and Social Sciences. Of these, five (5) are undergraduate degree programmes and the remaining four (4) are postgraduate programmes.

Apart from academic training, the School has been fully engaged in the other core functions of the University. This involves applied research funded by local and international agencies and NGOs and provision of consultancy services to the general public and other institutions. The School has also been participating in managing national disasters such as flooding, earthquakes; and land use conflicts between and amongst the pastoral and agricultural communities. These aspects have provided an important feedback to the planning education and its curricula at the SSPSS, over the last ten years.

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