Consultancy Services

Existing Links, partnerships and collaborative research projects

The School has a working relationship with several organizations internally and externally, inter alia, including the following:

Internal links:

Below are some the examples of the prevailing internal links:

1. Capital Development Authority (CDA)- currently there is an ongoing research project titled “Consultancy Services for Collecting Core Data of Properties in Dodoma Municipality under the Tanzania Strategic Cites Project (TSCP)” funded by CDA.

2. Contractors Registration Board (CRB) : Presently, there is an on-going research project “Topographical Survey Services for the Proposed Construction of Office Building on Plot No. 5 Block "A" - NCC Link in Dodoma Municipality” done by researchers from Ardhi University under clientele of CRB.

3. Ministry of Finance: The ministry has been sponsoring a research project called “Evaluation of Government Assets”

4. National Council of Professional Surveyors (NCPS)

5. National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA)

6. Tanzania Institution of Valuers and Estate Agents (TIVEA)

External Links

1. SIDA-SAREC- This Organization has continued supporting the Ardhi University staffs engaged in different academic programmes aimed at enhancing their career development.

2. African Real Estate Society (AfRES)

3. IPCC Twenty University

4. KTH-Sweden

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