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The School has an unparalleled track record in carrying-out research in most areas pertaining to environmental technology and management including environmental pollution control, solid waste management, wastewater treatment, water and sanitation, air quality management, groundwater management, renewable energy, environmental information acquisition and processing, environmental planning and resource management, and various other related fields.  It has well-equipped and stocked laboratories that are always available for research undertakings pertaining to environmental technology and management.  Also, there are modern computing and surveying facilities as well as other support and back-up services within the School and in other academic units within the University.  The School as a whole has most of the necessary infrastructure and expertise required for effective researching in environmental technology and management. Most recent research projects undertaken in the School are: 

  • Investigating Grey Water Treatment and Re-use in Agriculture to Improve Livelihood, Public Heath and Environmental Protection in Lake Victoria Basin (on going) 
  • Atmospheric Dispersion and Deposition Modelling (on going) 
  • Viable Environmental Infrastructure Development in East Africa (on going) 
  • Enhancing Performance of the UASB Reactor Using Effective Microorganisms in Treating Domestic Wastewater under Tropical Conditions (on going) 
  • Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Solid Wastes at Household Level in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (on going)


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