History and Background

The Ardhi University Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) started operating in July 1996 following the institutional transformation of the former Ardhi Institute into the current Ardhi University (ARU). The Centre coordinates initiatives by members of the academic staff in the Schools,Institute and Centers to conduct Continuing Education (CE) programmesfor both internal and external markets.Continuing Education programmes offered through the Centre are geared toward refreshing the ARU alumni and other relevant practitioners on professional advancement as well as equipping them with the necessary skills for computer applications in their professional operations. Also, the rapid scientific and technological change, which are necessitating constant updating of knowledge have made many Higher Learning Institutions (ARU among them) to establish and sustain continuing education unit for the purpose of facilitating the institutions’ staff and the whole learning community to continually update their knowledge. Another purpose has been for the institution to use that opportunityfor internal revenue generation.To operationalize this rationale the CCE, then formulated a supporting policy and action plan to guide its operations. The main objective of CCE Policy (of 2012) was to effectively guide the continuing education activities undertaken by various academic units.Moreover, the institutional transformation process of UCLAS into Ardhi University, under the Universities Act No. 7 of 2005 and the Ardhi University Charter 2007 that took place, was accompanied with expanded CE opportunities at ARU and reviewed vision and mission of the CCE. 



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