Courses Offered

Networking with other Professional Bodies

The Centre is networking with other Centers or Institutes involved in CE activities elsewhere in the country with a view to sharing experiences and learning from the competitors. A joint short course between the National Environmental Management Council and (NEMC) and School of Environmental Science and Technology (SEST)on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has reached a final stage of development and it is planned to draw participants from other counties.

Participation Fee and Awards

Fees chargeable for any CE programme are reasonable and negotiable. Fees cover tuition, training materials (e.g., books, training manuals and hire of equipment and tools), hire of training space (venue), and fieldwork. Costs of travel to and from a training venue, lodging and boarding, and out-of-pocket expenses are met separately by each participant. Participants should be self-sponsored or sponsored by employers or sponsored through other awards. Successful participants of Continuing Education Programmes offered by ARU are awarded Certificates or Diplomas depending on programme content and duration.

Mode of Application

Aspiring participants and sponsors for short courses, workshops and seminars should apply to the Director of Continuing Education.

The Director
Centre for Continuing Education
Ardhi University (ARU)
P.O. BOX 35176
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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