Courses Offered

The Centre coordinates tailor-made programmes at ARU or outside ARU. The programmes include short courses, seminars and workshops covering the fields of Information and Communication Technology (e.g. GIS and AIS-digital cartography, GIS, AUTOCAD, ICT risk assessment and mitigation etc.);Building Economics (e.g. review course for AQRB exams, project identification, participatory planning, design, implementation and management, project management for construction professionals,proposal project proposal preparation and management etc.); Urban and Regional Planning (e.g. environmental planning and management of human settlements, land development procedures and administration, land regularization and upgrading of informal settlements, community-based infrastructure planning, provision and maintenance etc.); Land Surveying; Civil and Environmental Engineering, EnvironmentalScienceand Management (e.g.introduction to disaster risk reduction,environmental impact assessment and auditing, disaster management, solid waste material and energy resources recycling, climate change mitigation and adaptation etc.); Environmental Laboratory Science and Technology (e.g. sampling and nutrient analysis and laboratory safety etc.);Land Management and Valuation ( valuation for bankers, valuation of assets for financial reportingandArchitecture and Conservation (e.g. conservation of historical sites).

Course Fees

Course and seminar fees vary and are publicized well in advance of commencement of the programme.

Duration and Scheduling of CE Programmes

The Centre may offer Continuing Education programmes of one to eight week duration in any calendar month of a year and covering the normal working hours of a day, Monday through Saturday.  The programmes may also be conducted on a full-time basis. Modular, part-time and evening-hour programmes may be scheduled depending on the nature of intended customers. Viable and tailor-made programme venues other than ARU campus are always acceptable.

Award of Certificates

Successful participants of Continuing Education Programmes offered by ARU are awarded Certificates or Diplomas depending on programme content and duration.

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