Consultancy Services

With respect to public service activities, the main functions of IHSS include: 

(a)    To provide consultancy services in the areas of Human Settlements Development to government and non government organizations, local and international communities as well as private sector;

(b)   To contribute more effectively towards assisting in solving problems that may hinder the natural objectives and targets to alleviate poverty; and

(c)    To improve the professional competence and consultancy quality of staff conduction of tailor made sills and competence development training.

Recent and on-going consultancy services

  1. Makalle, A.M.P; R. Mato; E. Chaggu; S. Mesaki; J. Msafiri; and J. Kihila (2008 – to date). Participatory mid-term review of water and environmental health programme for Plan International Tanzania.
  2. Nguluma, H. (2007 to date). Strategies to alleviate accommodation problems to members of the Police Force for NSSF.
  3. Bulamile, L..; I. Mtani; A. Mosha; and M. Maurus (2007). Proposed national house of culture for the Ministry of Information Culture and Sports.
  4. Lupala, J.; L. Mosha; S. Mgana; S. Sheuya; A.A. Mwanamtwa; D.E. Msangi; and L. Bagenda (2007). Dodoma University Master Plan, Dodoma, Tanzania.
  5. Burra, M.; F. Lerise; R. Kiunsi; P. Mandwa; J. Lupala; F. Gwacha; H. Dumea; Y. E. Kachenje; and A. Namangaya (2007). National Land Use Framework Plan for United Republic of Tanzania.
  6. Ally, H.N.; and D.E. Msangi (2007). Report on the training of 12 villages in Tunduru and Namtumbo districts on the new Land Acts and their implications on land/water management and conservation efforts in Selous-Niassa Wildlife.
  7. Kayuza, H.; J. Lupala; E. Mtalo; and D.E. Msangi (2007). Establishment of Ardhi University Convocation; ARU, Dar es Salaam.
  8. Ssewankambo, E.M.; Agevi; and A.G. Kyessi (2007). Capacity Building Needs Assessment and Capacity Building Plan for Upgrading of Unplanned and Unserviced Settlements in the City of Dar-es-Salaam, Consultancy Report prepared for Dar es Salaam City Council, Submitted to UN-HABITAT, Nairobi.
  9. Kombe, W.J. (2007). Master Plan for Open University of Tanzania (OUT).
  10. Lerise, F; J. Lupala; S. Sheuya; and Y. Kachenje (2006). Site Characteristics and Space Requirements for Mloganzila MUCHS Site.
  11. Kyessi, A.G.; S. Elisha; P.V. Mandwa; N.S., Mushi and D. Kimaro (2006). Assessment of Potential of Land Suitability Mapping with Environmental Overlays and Potential Usefulness of Spatial Planning for the Lake Victoria Basin, Ministry of Water, Dar es Salaam Tanzania.
  12. Chaggu, E. O.; A.M.P. Makalle; and S. Elisha (2006). Preparation of Citywide Strategy for Upgrading of Informal Settlements in Dar-es-Salaam, University College of Lands and Architectural Studies (UCLAS), Tanzania.
  13. Mrema, L.; J. Lupala; F. Lerise; Y. Kachenje; D. Msangi (2006). Proposal for Transforming Magomeni Quarters into Magomeni Centre, prepared for Kinondoni Municipal Council.

Clients of IHSS

IHSS offers consultancy and advisory services in the fields of human settlement development. A total of 30 major consultancy assignments have been undertaken in the past few years. Clients during the period included various government ministries, Parastatal organizations, local authorities, individuals, NGOs and international organizations such as UN-Habitat, UNDP, MDP, DANIDA and ILO.

Coordination of Consultancy Activities and Quality Assurance

Consultancy activities at IHSS and Ardhi University at large are guided by the approved Ardhi University Organization structure, Consultancy Policy, Rolling Strategic Plan and the Quality Assurance and Quality Control Measures Circular. The policies are expected to significantly improve the operation of consultancy services under the umbrella of Ardhi University Consultancy Unit. The University’s Consultancy Policy, section 1.2 provides for establishment of coordinators of consultancy activities in the respective departments, units and institutes including IHSS.


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