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Basic Computer Applications

This course is offered to the general public and it is intended to provide participants with basic concepts of Information and Communication Technology and proficiency in the use of standard office management software packages such as the Microsoft Office suite.

PC Maintenance and Troubleshooting

PC Maintenance and Repair course focuses on several objectives. The primary objective is to help participants learn how to maintain, upgrade and repair the computer system. Starting with the basics of how DOS and other operating system work. Participants are equipped with skills on how to troubleshoot and solve problems of system hardware, operating system, and applications software.

GIS and Remote Sensing Applications

The overall object of the course is to introduce the participants to the Principles of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). More particularly, participants to this course are introduced to Data input, Data Management; Data Analysis and Visualization principles. Participants also learn different GIS applications on how GIS facilitates day-to-day undertakings.

Computer Aided Design

Participants are introduced to the basic concepts of AutoCAD. AutoCAD is one of the top three applications for architectural design based on the BIM (Building Information Modeling) concept. In addition to 3D building modeling, participants are introduced to capabilities for 2D documentation, visualization, and design collaboration.

Advanced Website Design

This course is about learning on how to use the latest tools to design a modern and professional website.



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