We acknowledge our sincere excitement to note your desire of getting to know more about Ardhi University. You are kindly welcomed to join this unique University of its Kind in Tanzania and Africa, offering integrated training and conducting research in the various matters related to land, the built environment and other environmental related issues under one roof. Apparently the University also offers Accounting and Community Development programs.

ARU has structured its academic program in the following schools and institute; School of Architecture and Design (SADE), School of Contraction Economics and Management (SCEM), School of Real Estate studies (SRES), School of Geospatial Sciences and Technology (SGST), School of Urban and Regional Planning (SURP), School of Environmental Science and Technology (SEST), and Institute of Human Settlement Studies (IHSS). We review our curricula time to time so as to meet the demand of labor market.

ARU’s mission and vision is geared to achieving sustainable socio-economic development for Tanzania and the World at large, directed to enhance the nation’s capacity to utilize available opportunities within the Country and elsewhere. Thus, ARU engaged experienced teaching staffs who have relevant skills and professions as well as updating the academic unity faculties through training and short courses to capture technological advancement. Our students involved on practical trainings, as one of the quality assurance in order to produce learned graduates who can compete in the labor market worldwide.

Your decision to pursue studies at ARU implies turning your life dream into reality, because we equally focus on practical experience and theoretical immersion to lay a sound foundation for shaping personalities with an architectural way of thinking. Our teaching approach aims at adequately preparing our students for the future and the changing demands that learned person will be facing. This is why we also support our students in gaining technical skills, access to Internet, library, health care within the University and a cutting edge working environment.

ARU website provides in a nutshell, all the necessary information you would need when deciding to join us. It provides you with details of the courses offered by the University, Publications, Events and Projects held and ongoing adoption.

The website also provides you with general and specific regulations governing the programs offered and University profile of its academics staff and leadership.

We hope this website will assist you in getting all the information about ARU, or otherwise you can contact us physically at Observation Hill, University Road. We once again commend you to think of starting University life at ARU.

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