Structural Reorganization of ARU Schools

Structural Reorganization of ARU Schools

The general public is hereby informed that the Government of United Republic of Tanzania through its Gazette No.38 Vol.97 dated 09th September, 2016 has published the “Structural reorganization of the Schools of Ardhi University Order, 2016” through the Government Notice (GN) No.266.

Following the decision, the 4th schedule of Ardhi University Charter is amended by deleting paragraph (1) and substitutes the following declared schools:-

  1. The School of Architecture, Construction Economics and Management (SACEM)
  2. The School of Earth Sciences, Real Estates, Business and Informatics (SERBI)
  3. The School of Environmental Science and Technology (SEST)
  4. The School of Spatial Planning and Social Science (SSPSS)

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