On – going PhD Research

1.Vulnerability Analysis of Climate Change Induced Impacts on Building Structures: A Case of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; by Mbuya, E.

2.Prediction of Climate Change Impacts in Tanzania using Mathematical Models: A Case of Dar es Salaam City; by Uhinga, G.

3.Urban Land Use Planning and Governance for Resilience to Climate Variability Induced Hazards: A Case of Land Use Development Control in Dar es Salaam City; by Kweka, C.

4.Managing Municipal Service Delivery in Tanzania: A Case of Coordination of Actors in Water Supply in Dar es Salaam; by Kachenje, Y.

5.Institutional Structures and their Role in Governance of Dodoma; by Rwelengera, B.

6. Participatory Urban Development Control in Managing Rapidly Urbanizing Cities: Case of Land use Changes in Dar es Salaam City, Tanzania: by Mulengeki, E.

7.The Impact of Information Uncertainties on Residential Demand in Kinondoni Municipality, Tanzania: by Alananga, S.

8.Modeling of Flood Risk Areas Using GIS: A Case of Dar es Salaam City, Tanzania; by Mwiruki, B.

9.Geospatial Governance; the context of E-Governance by Ngereja, Z.

10.Indigenous Interior Design Concepts in Tanzania; by Makundi, L.

11.The Implication of Storm water and landscape based approach to urban development, by Mpyanga, S.

12.Promoting Sustainable Architecture in African Cities: Stakeholders Understanding of Sustainable Design and Construction and its implementation for the Built Environment in Dar es salaam, Tanzania by Heilman, V. M.

13.Developing a Social Capital Model for Performance of Construction Organizations in Tanzania, by Luvala, V.

14.Effects of Urbanization on Surface Water; by Justine, G.

15.Enhancement and Operationalization of Biogas Technology for Community Level Application: Performance Optimization and Plant Management; by Selele, M.

16.Decentralized and Financially Self Sustaining Wastewater Collection Systems in Peri – Urban Areas in Tanzania – A Case study of Dar es Salaam; by Marijani, S.

17.Resource Recovery from Anaerobic Co–treatment of Domestic Bio Wastes; by Kimaro, G. J.

18.Modeling the Leaching of Heavy Metals in Stabilized Gold Mine Tailing; by Mapinduzi, R.

19.Drought Patterns, their Impacts on Forest Ecosystems and Potential Management Strategies; A Case of PuguKazimzumbwi and Zanzibar Coast Forests in Tanzania; by: Hassan, I.

20.Building Resilience of Local Community to Disaster Risks through Effective Settlement Planning and Management; by Malele, B.

21.Integrated Geographical Tools can enable Urban Planning Interventions to Control Malaria and LF; by Mwakalinga, V.

22.Uncertainty analysis in coupled hydrological and hydrodynamic modeling for flood hazards assessments: A case of WamiRuvu Basin Tanzania by Rugai, D.

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