On- going non PhD Research Project by Staff

1.Kihila, J.: Fire Disaster preparedness and fire hazard situational analysis in public learning institutions builsings

2.Kyessi, A. G., Makalle, A. and Kombe, W. J.: Governance of land and Municipal Services in Urban Centre in Tanzania

3.Shemdoe, R, and Kibassa, D.: Developing effective strategies to engage private sector and civil society in reduced emission from forest degradation and deforestation interventions for pilot project phase in Tanzania

4.Shemdoe, R. Kibassa, D. Ngware, N. and Mngumi, L. “Institutions for Urban Poor’s access to ecosystem services: A Comparison of Green and Water Structures in Bangladesh and Tanzania

5.Mtani, I., Kaseva, M., Marwa V, and Healman P., “Creating Environmental realm in quarrying sites”.

6.Kombe, W., Mrema, L., and Limbumba, T. “Water Resilient Green Cities in Africa”

7.Kombe, W., Baumgart, S., Wolfgang, S., and Jochen: “Appropriate Urban Planning Standards and Design Concepts in Tanzania and South Africa (ARU- Dortmund and Darmstadt)

8.Saria, E. Ngailo, E. and Ntambila, D. “Kinematics Study of the East African Rift by GPS around Lake Natron

9.Mbisso, D. and Maurus, M. “Research on adoption and application of Low Cost Housing Technologies for the Construction of Primary and District Court Buildings in Tanzania”

10.Kihila, J. “Fire disaster preparedness and fire hazard situational analysis in Public Learning Institutions buildings”

11.Kyessi, A., Makalle, A., and Lupala, J.” Governance of Land and Municipal Services in Urban Centers in Tanzania”

12.Namangaya et al. Quest for alternative urban planning model for small towns in Tanzania,

13.Kyessi et al. Governance of land and municipal services in urban centres in Tanzania

14.Komu et al. Real estate markets dynamics and housing finance

15.Mrema et al. Informality and habitation in the context of changing urban landscape

16.Banyani et al. Access to land resources vulnerability and HIV/AIDS in Tanzania

17.Kironde et al. developing capacity to address challenges of commercial pressure over land for large-scale investment in agriculture, energy, and minerals exploitation


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