Luitfred D. Kissoly
Luitfred D. Kissoly
Head Department of Economics and Social Studies (ESS)

Dr. Luitfred D. Kissoly is the Head and Lecturer in the Department of Economics and Social Studies, under the School of Spatial Planning and Social Sciences (SSPSS). He obtained his PhD, from Leibniz Universität Hannover in Germany in 2016. His research focus was on the food security implications of smallholders’ integration in agricultural value chains. Dr Kissoly’s key research interests are on Food Security Economics, Agri-food Value Chains, Urban Food Systems, Household-level Welfare Analysis, and related aspects in Development Economics. Dr. Kissoly has participated in a various research projects, both national and international funded including BMBF, DFG, World Bank, ACIAR, and IDRC). These include  Trans-Sec (www.trans-sec.org), TISA (aciar.gov.au/project/lwr-2016-137),African Food Systems(www.idrc.ca/en/view-all-projects-countries/Tanzania).

Contacts; Email:kissoly.donacian@aru.ac.tzkissolyluit@gmail.com Phone: +255767493093