Research and Publications

PhD Research Projects

  1. Analyzing the role of institutions in mediating ownership of land to people affected with HIV in Shinyanga, Tanzania by Butungo, Stanslaus; funded by ARU/SIDA
  2. Analysis of factors shaping spatial growth of small towns by Sang’enoi, Maglan Charles; funded by ARU/SIDA
  3. Assessing the existing landscape of institutions and water services delivery in small towns and searching for an alternative model of water service provision; by Mlula, Happiness, funded by ARU/SIDA
  4. Assessing adoption of single and multiple upgrading strategies along food value chain among smallholder farmers in rural Tanzania; by  Ngassa, Claudio
  5. Assessing and estimating the responsiveness of private sector investment from changes in public policy, by Malisa, Charles.
  6. Developing Decision Support Tool for Choice of Public Transport System for Sub Saharan Africa Cities: A Case of Dar es Salaam; by Mr. Abdi Kabange
  7. Institutionalization of Resilience in Governance of Water Supply Services in Rapidly Urbanizing Cities: The Case of Nairobi City, Kenya; by Ms Alice Adero Menya.
  8. From Centralized to Decentralized Water Systems: Everyday Practices and self-governance of Water Infrastructure in Peri-urban Dar es Salaam; by Francis Dakyaga.
  9. The Administrative Transformation of Urban Authority and Emerging Land Use Dynamics in Urban Local Government Authorities; by Miringay George.
  10. Institutionalizing Climate Change Resilience and Adaptation in Local Governance: The Case of Dodoma City; by Neema Bunango
  11. Local Politics and Conflict in Biodiversity Conservation: A case of Burunge Wildlife Management Area; by Hellene Stephen Francis
  12. Financing Urban Infrastructure investment in Tanzania. The case of water supply services in Dar es Salaam; by Happiness Tandari
  13. The role of Planning instruments in guiding regularization of informal settlements; by Francis Mbowe  
  14. Governance of Urban Agriculture amidst competing urban land uses: The case of Arusha City; by Salivatory Pastory 
  15. Peri-Urban livelihood Resilience in the rapidly urbanizing cities. A case of Dodoma City by Phillip Chiwanga 
  16. Analysis of Land Readjustment in Rwanda: Urban Resilience in Planning Puzzle; by John Mugisha 
  17. Indigenous landscape tacit knowledge from road reserve gardeners; by Wenceslaus Salvatore Ikumla 
  18. Prediction of Urban Spatial Growth using GIS, Remote Sensing, Weather, Social and Economical Data: Case of Dodoma City; by Kamara Emmanuel Gombe.