Dr. Regina John


Title: Dr.

Name: Regina John

School: School of Spatial Planning and Social Sciences (SSPSS)

Department:  Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Rank: Senior Lecturer

 Current Summarized CV:

Dr. Regina John is a Senior Lecturer at Ardhi University's School of Spatial Planning and Social Studies (SSPSS). He has over fifteen years of experience in research, teaching, and public service in the areas of land use planning, strategic development planning, housing finance, project planning, plan implementation monitoring and evaluation, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. She has participated in multidisciplinary and internationally funded research projects such as Climate Change and Urban Vulnerability in Africa (CLUVA), EU-FP7-Environment (2010-2014), Governance and Planning for Resilient Cities (German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) (2017-2021), and currently Land Use Planning: Participatory Planning and Land-Based Resource Use Conflict Management for Sustainable Growth (Flemish Interuniversity Council-University Development Cooperation-VLIR-UOS) (2021–2030). Dr. Regina is a registered urban planner and member of the Town Planners Registration Board. She previously headed both the Department of Urban and Regional Planning and the Department of Economics and Social Studies at the School of Spatial Planning and Social Sciences.

Research Projects:

  1. Land use planning - Participatory planning and land-based resource use conflict management for sustainable growth of Dar es Salaam metropolitan and its region. Subproject One of the VLIR-UOSIUC ‘Establishing a new centre “the African Centre for Sustainable Cities Studies” to build capacity in education, research, innovation and societal outreach in order to foster an Inclusive and Sustainable Built Environment in a rapidly urbanizing city, Dar Es Salaam (SDG 11 in Dar Es Salaam)’ 2021-2030.
  2. Governance and Planning of Resilient Cities in East Africa, (GOPLAREA) 2017-2021; A Joint Research and Training Programe between ARU and TU-Dortmund. Funded by BMBF and DAAD.
  3. Post disaster livelihood sustainability of flood displaced households in Dares Salaam, 2018-2020; SIDA Minor Project under ARU-SIDA Capacity Building Programme
  4. Climate Change and Urban Vulnerability in Africa (CLUVA) Project: Assessment of Urban vulnerability to climate change induced flood hazards 2010-2014; EU-FP7-Environment
  5. Redevelopment and Displacement of Urban Poor: Tracking the process and livelihoods of Kurasini Displacees; 2009-2011; SIDA Minor Project under ARU-SIDA Capacity Building Programme

List of Publications:

  1. John R. (2022). Disaster-induced resettlements: The resilience of flood-affected households in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Geography, Environment and Sustainability, 15(3), 88-98.
  2. John R. (2020). Flooding in Informal Settlements: Potentials and Limits for Household Adaptation in Dar es Salaam City, Tanzania. American Journal for Climate Change, 9 (2), 68-86
  3. John, R., Magina, F.B and Kemwita, E. F. (2019). From Msimbazi River Valley to Mabwepande Settlement: The Resettlement Process and Its Challenges. Current Urban Studies, 7 (3), 399-426
  4. John R. and Najum, J. (2018). Compliance with Urban Development and Planning Regulations in Hazardous Areas:    A Case of Msasani Bonde la Mpunga in Dar es Salaam City, Tanzania. The African Journal of Land Policy and Geospatial Sciences (AJLP &GS), 1(2), 41-52. Special issue.
  5. C. Reuben, Y.H. Senkondo, J. Msami and John. R., (2017). Depletion of fish resource in Lake Kitangiri, Tanzania: poverty - resource overexploitation nexus. Asian Research Journal of Agriculture (5) 1. 
  6. Kabisch, S., Jean-Baptiste, N., John, R., and Kombe, W., (2015). Assessing Social Vulnerability of Households and Communities in Flood Prone Urban Areas. In: Pauleit, S., Coly, A., Fohlmeister, S., Gasparini, P., Jørgensen, G., Kabisch, S., Kombe, W., Lindley, S., Simonis, I., and Yeshitela, K. (Eds). Urban Vulnerability and Climate Change in Africa: A Multidisciplinary Approach. pp.197-228. Springer International Publishing, Switzerland. 
  7. John, R., Jean-Baptiste, N., and Kabisch, S., (2014). Vulnerability Assessment of Urban Populations in Africa: The case of Dar es Salaam-Tanzania. In: Edgerton, E.,  Romice, O., and  Thwaites, K., (Eds). Bridging the Boundaries: Human Experience in the Natural and Built Environment and Implication for Research, Policy and Practice. Pp.  233-245.Hogrefe
  8. John R; and Lupala J; (2012) "Tracking the Process and Livelihoods of Kurasini Settlement Displacees in Dar es Salaam City, Tanzania", Rural Planning Journal; 14: 180-209


Email: regina.lyakurwa@aru.ac.tz, reginajohn2000@gmail.com,

Mobile: 07543986940689560957