Dr. Victoria Mathew Mwakalinga


Title: Dr.

Name: Victoria Mathew Mwakalinga

School: School of Spatial Planning and Social Sciences (SSPSS)

Department:  Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Rank: Senior Lecturer

 Current Summarized CV:

Dr. Victoria Mathew Mwakalinga is a PhD holder from Wits university and a Lecturer at Ardhi University. For eight years, Victoria worked with Ifakara Health Institute (IHI) as a Research Scientist in spatial epidemiology field. At IHI, Victoria developed advanced skills in spatial analyses to map risk of diseases transmission, and model their associated risk factors. She has been using big data and open-source mapping in predicting land use patterns, climate change and issues related to WASH. She has also been engaged in a multi-country research consortium. Currently, Victoria is developing a cross-disciplinary research agenda at ARU to bring in the nexus between urban planning, public health, data science and geospatial health. Victoriahas 13 peer-reviewedarticles, one book chapter and has been a reviewer of several journal articles

Minor Research Projects:

  1. Assessing the Influence of Spatial Quality on Localized Malaria Transmission in Urban Informal Settlements; The Spatial Influence of Green and Blue Ecosystem Services on the Current Interventions for Malaria Vectors Under Varying Climate in Cities;
  2. Linkages between Built Environment, Lifestyle Choices and Prevalence of NCDS In Dar es Salaam City;
  3. Developing Sustainable Food Systems for Urban Communities: Piloting a Holistic Approach in Mega and Secondary Cities in Tanzania
  4. Piloting a Holistic Approach in Mega and Secondary Cities in Tanzania.


Email: victoria.mwakalinga@aru.ac.tz, vmmwakalinga@gmail.com