On behalf of Ardhi University, let me use this forum to extend to you a warm welcome to our University community.

The vision of Ardhi University (ARU) is to be a leading centre of excellence in knowledge generation and dissemination responsive to the dynamics of the national, regional and global conditions. ARU’s mission is to provide innovative and integrated learning, research and public services that advance sustainable development at national level and beyond.

In fulfilling its core functions of training and learning, research, consultancy and public services, ARU subscribes to seven core values: Integrity, Creativity, Excellence, Equity, Teamwork, Internationalization and Professionalism.

Our University offers training programmes leading to Diploma, Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral Degrees in diverse areas including architecture, physical planning (urban, infrastructure and regional planning), engineering, construction economics, geomatics, land management and valuation, real estate financing and investments, human settlements studies, climate change studies, environmental management, computer systems and mathematics, economics, accounts and finance, community development studies and others.

ARU is the only institution in Tanzania that offers integrated training, research and public services in the fields of land management and built environment under one roof, and therefore it is a critical player in contributing to addressing societal challenges in these fields. This is achieved through Project centre approach in teaching and learning research and innovation as well as public service and partnerships. To remain relevant as a public entity, ARU therefore strives to be an internationally recognized, civic centre of excellence that responds to the needs of the society. Over the years, ARU has continued to undertake research and development activities that have been utilized by the Tanzania Government and the society that contributes to the overall goal of sustainable development and poverty reduction.

Internationalization is one of the core values of ARU, therefore, it has been partnering with other institutions word-wide to foster research, training and public service. A few examples include Universities from Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, China to mention just a few.

I am honoured to lead a group of thoughtful, dedicated, and caring people who collaborate closely to promote a diligent culture with a passion for learning. ARU is committed to providing an engaging and unforgettable experience that will stay with students for the rest of their lives. We also know that factors other than academic performance shape students' experiences. Our University encourages students to engage and participate in many activities within the campus as they can including sports, clubs and recreational activities.

It is my sincere hope that students will enjoy their time at ARU and will successfully complete their studies with good morals and deeds. As for the staff members, we are hoping to deliver desired services of teaching, research and consultancy and public services as well as outreach activities to our communities and to the rest of our valued stakeholders.


Prof. Evaristo Liwa

Vice Chancellor

Ardhi University