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Bachelor of Science in Geomatics (B. Sc. Gm)
The Geomatics course uses 21st century technologies for data acquisition, processing, transformation, management, analysis and presentation of geo-information. This data comes from many sources including earth-orbiting satellites, air and sea-borne sensors and ground-based equipment. It is processed and manipulated with state-of-the-art information technology, computer software and hardware. It encompasses areas such as computerized mapping, satellite remote sensing for environmental monitoring, precise positioning and navigation using the satellites of the Global Positioning System.

Bachelor of Science in Geoinformatics (B.Sc. Gi)
The Geoinformatics course has been developed in response to a growing market need. The focus of this degree is the science and technology of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), spatial information and information technology. The course has core components in measurement science, information technology, geographic information systems and some application areas particularly in the land-based disciplines. The course provides professional education in the areas of information technology, geographic information systems, location-based services, database systems, internet mapping, mathematics and statistics, mapping science, remote sensing, spatial analysis, computer science, professional studies and management

Bachelor of Science in Geodetic Sciences (B.Sc. GS)
The Geodetic Sciences course essentially combines geodesy and geodynamic fields. The main target is to utilize emerging global technologies in gravity field determination, positioning by satellites and earth?s terrain by digital terrain (elevation) models to better understand the size and shape of the earth as a function of time and space as well as monitoring and mitigation of environmental and geo-hazards.

Diploma in Geoinformatics (GFM4)
The diploma in geoinformatics (GFM4), which in the past was offered only at ITC in the Netherlands, is now also offered jointly with the ITC and the Department of Geomatics at ARU since September 6th, 2004. This move is designed to bring this very popular course closer to the targeted clientele in East Africa and the SADC region. Bringing the GFM4 diploma course to ARU will also enrich the course by bringing in local/regional context and thus making the diploma more responsive to the needs of various development sectors in the East African and the SADC region. For more information, you can download the following documents:

• Prospectus for the Joint ITC-ARU diploma course of Geoinformatics (GFM.4)
• Fee structure for the Joint ITC-ARU diploma course of Geoinformatics (GFM.4)
• Application form for the Joint ITC-ARU diploma course of Geoinformatics (GFM.4)

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