Application Procedures and Deadline

1.    Application procedures

Applications for admission to various undergraduate degree programmes at Ardhi University (ARU) are invited from qualified candidates who finished form six and relevant diplomas

Usually, applicants are invited to send their applications directly to the University through an on-line system using the link http://admission.aru.ac.tz. Once on the admission page, all important information and guidelines to take an applicant through the application stages are provided. Once on the application page, applicants will be requested to register their names as they appear in their Form Four certificates; likewise, their index numbers, email address and telephone numbers where prompted. Further steps include making the application (where applicants will indicate programmes they prefer to be considered for admission), make payment for application fee and finally submit the application. Throughout the application process, applicants are reminded to use valid telephone numbers and email addresses which will be used to relay feedback of the admission processes. Applicants will also be advised to use passwords that they can remember easily. It is worth noting that all these steps are not only in-built in the online application page, but guidance tips on respective steps are also provided. Additionally, entry requirements for all the programmes on offer are also uploaded in the online application module for easy reference by applicants.

Undergraduate applicants with foreign certificates will be required to apply for Certificates of Equivalency Translation from the National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) at: https://www.necta.go.tz. Applicants will be required to upload this certificate during the application process. These applicants (with Diploma qualifications) will also be required to apply for Award Verification Number (AVN) and a certificate for the same from NACTE at https://www.nacte.go.tz. Just as for the Certificate of Equivalency Translation, these applicants will also be required to upload this certificate while making their applications.

2.    Application deadlines

As per the TCU Almanac, application seasons often start from the third week of July of each year. TCU often issues an Almanac which shows the opening and closing dates for the different windows of applications. Therefore, although the third week of July is given as the start date, there might be slight variations as may be announced by TCU. Therefore, it is important to follow announcements from TCU and the University as may be posted in the respective institutions official websites from time to time. Applications are often closed towards the fourth week of September. Final announcement of selected applicants is expected towards the end of the first week of October.

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