Organization Structure

The School of Earth Sciences, Real Estate Studies, Business and Informatics (SERBI) is headed by a Dean of School and four Departments each one is led by a Head of Department. Each department has both academic and non-academic staff.

Names of Dean and Heads of Department and their Contacts

Dean of School - Dr. Sophia M. Kongela
Phone:0767460255   Email:sophia.kongela@aru.ac.tz,kongelasophia@gmail.com

Head, Department of Geospatial Sciences and Technology -  Dr. B. Christopher 
Phone: 0754766575   Email: beatrice.tarimo@aru.ac.tz

Head, Department of Computer Systems and Mathematics - Dr. NtwaKatule
Phone:0742340759   Email: ntwa.katule@aru.ac.tz,katulentwa@gmail.com

Head, Department of Land Management and Valuation - Dr. ElitruderMakupa
Phone:0754914230   Email:elitruder.makupa@aru.ac.tz,trudarich@gmail.com

Head,Department of Business Studies - Dr. Samwel Alananga
Phone:0757965150   Email:samwel.alananga@aru.ac.tz,salanangasanga@gmail.com