Organization Structure

The SSPSS is led by the Dean and two heads of departments namely; 
i)    Head, Department of Urban and Regional Planning (URP)
ii)    Head, Department of Economics and Social Studies (ESS) 

The School comprises both academic and supporting (administrative) staff. The School Board is the highest decision making organ at the School Level. The Dean is the overall in charge of the School. The heads of the departments are at the operational level leaders and conduct departmental meetings in the course of making any decisions before of they are endorsed or approved by the school board.  The academic staff report to their respective heads of departments. The administrative staffs cut across the levels to link the academic staff, heads of the departments and the Dean of the school.

Names of the Dean and Heads of academic departments and their contacts

Associate Professor Ally Hassan Namangaya,
Dean, School of Spatial Planning and Social Sciences
P.O.Box 35176, DSM.
Email: ally.namangaya@aru.ac.tz, mob: +255754574743 

Dr. Regina John Lyakurwa,
Head, Urban and Regional Planning Department
P.o.Box 35176, DSM.
Email: regina.lyakurwa@aru.ac.tz lyakurwa_ gina@yahoo.co.uk mob: +255754398694

Dr. Luitfred D. Kissoly
Head, Economics and Social Studies Department
P.o.Box 35176, DSM.
Email: kissoly.donacian@aru.ac.tz , kissolyluit@gmail.com   mob: +255713493094