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HEET Project Embark On Curricular Development to Intergrate the Use of ICT

Ardhi University through HEET (Higher Education for Economic Transformation) Project conducts a training on curricular review and development that integrates the use of Information Communication and Technology (ICT)
A Three Days training  workshop starts from 21st up to 23rd March 2023 at APC Bunju involves Academic staff who are going to review and develop curricula of 19 programmes both for ARU main campus and Mwanza campus.
The training exposes the academic staff to the capacity of developing and reviewing the competence based curricula that are in line with labor market demands and abilities to use ICT-enabled innovative pedagogical techniques in teaching and learning activities.
The workshop was officiated by Prof. John Lupala, the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic, Research and Consultancy who is also a HEET Project Coordinator of ARU.
The facilitators of the training are Dr. Evaristo Mtitu from MoEST, Prof. Elinami Swai from OUT and Dr. Salome Maro from CoICT